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Brick mosaic — a great personalized gift

We create single, couple, family, and pet portraits from your photos. Choose between a DIY box set or already assembled art.
Bricks and baseplates are made of high-quality plastic. Everything is compatible with LEGO® bricks.

Artist turns your photo into a mosaic

Programs can't do a good job with the art, so an artist does a mosaic from a first sketch to a final build guide. All you have to do is to send us your photo.
Artist will help you if you don't know what photo or size to choose. We combine people from different photos and change a background if it's needed.
Pay only after you love the sketch.

50 colors and any size to make every detail visible

All you need — inside one box

Masterpieces and maps in our catalogue

Mosaic masterpieces are a great gift for everyone who is fond of the arts.

We are trusted: 5-star rating on Etsy proofs it

Thousands of Selfie Mosaics in more than 50 countries

Producing brick mosaics since 2018.